The Swift in pictures over the years

The photos below show our Swift 1 – JOW 499E in service and it's restoration over the year, then the work to get it ready for an M.O.T in 2012. The Swift was officially launched on Saturday 29th September 2012.

In service in the late 1960's and early 1970's

1969 1970

When the Swift was collected in December 1986, it was a very cold day and the tow home from London took 5 hours and all the glass was missing from the Swift.

Swift 1986  Swift 1986
Swift 1986 Swift 1986
Swift 1986

Work over the years to the Swift has included a full repaint, in January 2012, so work could be done under the bus, it was raised onto blocks for a few months so the air system could be fixed and other work could be carried out.

Before repaint During repairs

During repaint Inside

Inside Up on Blocks

Once work was completed at the end of May 2012. The Swift was lowered and driven around the yard for the first time in many years.

Coming down Slowly does it

Slowly moving Swift Engine

Visting friend in the yard

On Friday 17th August 2012, The Swift went off for its first M.O.T in over 20 years. Sadly it was not going to be the day due to a problem with the rear brake lights and a fuel leak it failed but once the problems were fixed a retest was booked and so on Wednesday 29th August it passed the M.O.T and on the way back to the yard stopped of to fuel up at the petrol station.

At M.O.T At M.O.T

Under the Swift  Under the Swift

Under the Swift On the way back from the M.O.T

Fanily the Swift has an M.O.T Stopping for Fuel

After passing its M.O.T, The Swift returned to the streets of Southampton on Thursday 20th September. It visited many places that it would have serviced back in the late 1960's and early 1970's including Woolston and the old depot in Portswood. A few adjustments were needed to make everything work well before the official launch.

Portswood Depot Poundtree Road


Saturday 29th September was the official launch of the Swift at the Grove Tavern on Swift Road, Woolston. During the event the Swift carried passengers for the first time in many years.

Launch Launch

Crest Launch

Photo © Copyright to Tom Lingwood, Ian Kimber, Adrian Gallop, Gordon Davies, Dave Woods and S&DTHT Archives.