Medstead Depot Omnibus Group (MDOG)

The Medstead Depot Omnibus Group (MDOG) is one of three separate and operationally independent bus preservation projects in Hampshire and West Sussex that are adminstered by the Working Omnibus Project Limited (WOMP) - the others are the City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot and the Stedham Garage Group.

Their aims are to conserve and preserve artefacts relating to road passenger transport in Southern England and through our work as an educational charity, to extend this knowledge more widely, and also to maintain a depot to house preserved buses safely and securely. As far as is practicable, the Group also aims to provide facilities for their maintenance as preserved vehicles for public display at rallies, open days, running days and other public events, and to provide facilities for further restoration work.

However, MDOG's prime function is to maintain a secure storage facility for the preserved vehicles. This means that their Depot building is very much a functional store and not a museum (their planning permission precludes this use for parking and amenity reasons).

They do operate a free bus services between Alton Railway Station and the Jane Austen’s House Museum at Chawton on certain dates in 2015. For more information about their free bus services, click on the link below and visit their website.

For more information about Medstead Depot Omnibus Group (MDOG), do visit their website and learn more about their history and the buses at the Medstead Depot.