Books About Southampton Transport

Southampton City Transport Southampton City Transport
A history of its motor bus services by A.K. MacFarlane-Watt. Published in 1977, this book includes history of transport in Southampton from 1879 until 1977. It also includes a fleet list of buses up until 1977 and a map of services that operated in 1973.
The End of an Era The End of an Era
A commemorative booklet by the Southampton City Transport Enthusiasts Group. This booklet commemorates the last journeys of rear-platform buses in Southampton.
100 Years of Southampton Transport 100 Years of Southampton Transport
This booklet celebrates 100 years of transport in Southampton from 1879 till 1979, Includes information about the trams and buses that ran in the city.
illustrated Fleet List Southampton City Transport – City of Portsmouth (illustrated fleet lists)
This book, completed by the Solent Transport Trust presents the fleets of Southampton City Transport and the City of Portsmouth Transport department in full details. The book contains a history of each undertaking with a list of routes and map, along with comprehensive fleet information.
Southampton Tramway Southampton Tramways
This book contains details about the history of the tramways in Southampton from when it began operation from 1879 to its closure in 1949. There are detailed descriptions of the routes the trams operated, and the trams themselves.
South East Buses South East Buses
This publication contains a detailed fleet list (with images) of Southampton Citybus and a number of other operators in the south-east of England.
Bus Operators 1970 South-West and Southern England Bus
Operators in 1970

This book contains information about bus operators around the south of England. It has various pictures of buses operating around the Southampton area in 1970’s
Glory Days - Hants & Dorset Glory Days - Hants & Dorset
This 'Glory Days' publication from Ian Allan Publishing tells the story of the company from early beginnings until privatisation in the 1980's.
History of the Hants & Dorset Motor Services Limited History of the Hants & Dorset
Motor Services Limited

Written by Colin Morris, this book contains information on the start of Hants and Dorset Motor Service Ltd in the early 1900's, and gives a detailed account of the history of the company until it's state ownership in the 1970's.
Trams of Southern Britain Trams of Southern Britain
This book contains a small section of various photos of trams that operated in Southampton and are in a scrap yard in the St. Denys area of Southampton.

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