Where did it all start?

The Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust (S&DTHT) was formed in the summer of 2000 and drew members from groups including the then defunct Southampton City Transport enthusiasts 7164 Group and the Solent Transport Trust. The Solent Transport Trust, having origins from 1976, was used as a practical foundation for the new Trust which became established as a membership organisation from spring 2001.

Successful approaches were made to Southampton City Council Cultural Services with an offer of help to organise retention and use of buses they own for the benefit of Southampton citizens and visitors to the city. These vehicles are both double deckers: a 1949 Guy Arab open topper 64 - FTR 511 and a 1954 Guy Arab 71 - LOW 217 both with Park Royal bodywork. The Solent Transport Trust already owned a 1952 Guy 'Standee' single decker 255 - JOW 928 which was incorporated into the new Trust. Solent Transport Trust members themselves owned further examples of former Southampton Corporation buses and other vehicles which are in various stages of preservation, these also became part of the collection.

The Trust has regular meetings to discuss the retention and preservation of interesting vehicles, also works closely with Southampton City Council Cultural Services on how the Trust can support other projects with which the City Council is involved. S&DTHT became a charity in 2016 with the hope that it may qualify for grants to enable it to secure suitable covered accommodation for the vehicles in the collection. An aim of the trust is to get Standee 255 – JOW 928 restored and back on the road but help is needed with missing window frames. The ultimate aim is to have a working transport museum.

You can find us on various social media websites including Facebook, Twitter - #oldsotonbus, Flickr and YouTube.