BTR 367B

SCT No: 367

Chassis: AEC Regent V

Chassis No: 2D3RA1600

Body: Neepsend H37/29R

Engine: AEC AV590 9.60 litre engine

Date into service: 1st October 1964

This bus was delivered to Southampton City Transport in November 1964 with the registration 367 HCR but due to changes in the DVLA licensing regulation, it entered service 1st December 1964 as BTR 367B. 367 was also among the first buses delivered new with the legal lettering “City of Southampton” replacing the previous “Southampton Corporation Transport” legend. The town became a city on the 11th February 1964.

367 was withdrawn from service in 1979 and became a drive training vehicle with Southampton City Transport until sold to the Royal Navy Gliding Club in HMS Daedalus at Lee-on-Solent in 1982. It was repainted with a yellow roof and upper windows and the rest of the bus in an orange and white squared pattern. The bus was kept undercover for use as a canteen and control bus.

In September 2000, it was replaced by a Leyland coach and was sold to Glenn Turner. 367 was intended to be used as spares to keep 350 on the road but after purchase found that it was too good to be scrapped, probably due to the fact that it been in an aircraft hanger since it was taken out of service. The Kitchen features were then stripped and took the table out between the seats. Glenn also had to replace the engine cowl and radiator grill which had been damaged whilst trying to bump start the bus at some time. This was sourced from another Ex Southampton A.E.C Regent No. 399 – KOW 907F which had been cut down almost to its chassis and used as a glider tug at HMS Daedalus.

In 2006, 367 was sold to Phil Blair of PB Bus Marketing in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire who had arranged further refurbishment including the fitting of seats from Ex Southampton City Transport 393 – KOW 901F and a full repaint into Southampton City Transport livery. Members of the Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust bought the bus from Phil Blair on 22nd October 2010 and work is progressing on its continued preservation. During late 2013 work was carried out on 367's gearbox to fix the bearing that needed to be replace. Photo's of the work carried out to the gearbox can be found Here. On Friday 3rd January 2014, 367 passed it's M.O.T after being off the road for around 14 months.

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