373 FCR

SCT No: 353

Chassis: AEC Regent V

Chassis No: 2D3RA1411

Body: East Lancs H37/29R

Body Number: 6020

Engine: AEC AV590 9.6 litre

Date into service: 1st December 1963

353 was withdrawn from service in 1981, 353 continued as a driver trainer with SCT for quite a few years after she was withdrawn from service. Then she was bought and used for some years as a mobile bar and the seats were removed and some makeshift platform doors were fitted. After this 353 was sold to the Brighton area where the seats were refitted after many years it was sold again to PB Bus who had her repainted.

In January 2012, 353 was brought by Andrew Dyer who since buying her, has repaired the platform and stairs, replaced sections of the exhaust and given her a thorough service. A M.O.T was gain in April 2012 and was at the Cobham Rally on 29th April 2012.

353 353
353 353 Steam Clean