314 AOW

SCT No: 314

Chassis: AEC Regent V

Chassis No: 2D3RA1052

Body: Park Royal H37/29R

Body No: 47012

Engine: AEC AV590 9.64 litre

Date into service: 1st March 1962

314 was new in 1962 to the Shirley depot and was withdrawn in 1975. First being sold to a dealer in Salford, Manchester and then in April 1976 it was sold to Hotel Cristal in St. Etienne, France. After many years of going untraced and believed to be scrapped whilst in France, 314 turned up after one of our members was on holiday in Northern France in September 2013 and found 314 being used as a pizza restaurant. After some more research it was found out that 314 was used by Handicap International and was brought for its current use in 2009 by Popote Urbaine-Pizzeria. One other example of the batch survivor that being, 318 AOW which is fully restored to its original condition.

On Saturday 30th November 2013, a few of our members made the trip to Northern France to visit 314, where they meet the owner of 314 and presented the owner of 314 with an original number plate. Sadly there are no plans to bring 314 back to Southampton at the moment as it's owners is very happy with it.