DBK 264W

SCT No: 264

Chassis: Leyland AN68C/1R

Chassis No: 8000891

Body: East Lancs. H45/31F

Body No: 914

Engine: Leyland O.690

Date into service: 1st March1981

264 was new to Southampton City Transport in March 1981 and was given body number 914 by East Lancs. Bodybuilders at Lancashire and was part of a batch of 10 delivered in that year, which were delivered in the corporation colours of Red & Cream, and bearing the Southampton crest. The 1981 batch replaced much of the aging fleet including 17 Regent V's and 4 Seddon RU's, which at the time made the fleet very much 100% Atlantean operated.

During 1994, 264 like many other Atlanteans was given the "Highliner" refurbishment with Southampton CityBus; this including re-upholstering the seats, painting the interior grey in the place of the red and carpeting the front bulkhead. It is thought that 264 is the only one to carry bulkhead, compared to the other Atlanteans which are carpet throughout.

After the sale of Southampton CityBus to First Bus PLC in 1997, 264 gained fleet number 1264 under the First numbering scheme, before later gaining 38264. 264 stayed with the other Atlanteans right up to the end of service on the 5th February 2005. After it's last day in service it was sold to Black & White Motorways at Penton Pewsey, Andover, ironically still carrying full First Barbie livery.

264 is known to be the only Atlantean at the time with First Southampton to receive full Barbie 2 livery, which to this day remains.

During June 2015, after a short period of continued service and preservation by Black & White Motorways the bus was purchased for preservation by Robin Harrison from the Isle of Wight. 264 was moved to Southampton to be stored so work could be carried out to return it back to the road for the first time in many years.