BCR 379K

SCT No: 15

Chassis: Seddon RU

Chassis No: 48483

Body: Pennine Coachcraft B44F

Body Number: 1034

Engine: Gardner 6HLX, 10.45 Litres Diesel

Horsepower: 150bhp at 1700r.p.m.

Gears: Self-Changing Four-Speed Semi-Automatic Gearbox

Date into service: 1st April 1972

One of five similar buses which were built in 1972, this vehicle entered service on 1st April of that year and was based at Portswood during it's time in service. While's in service it had covered only 105,000 miles, the least miles of that batch. It was withdrawn in April 1981 when Southampton City Transport adopted a policy not to operate single deckers.

No. 15 was purchased directly from Southampton City Transport upon withdrawal in April 1981. It is a very rare bus in preservation with only one other of the Seddon RU still surviving. It was in very good condition when purchased but an unfortunate fire did some damage to one side of the vehicle but this has now been rectified to all but the most discerning of enthusiasts. It was fitted with larger wheels by Solent Transport Trust to enable slightly higher speeds for attendance at rallies and outings. For some years it provided free bus services between Bursledon Brickworks and Bursledon Windmill as part of the Trust's co-operation with other heritage organisations. It is now owned by S&DTHT and kept securely at a location in Hampshire.

Line drawing of No. 15  ~  Bus Profile for No. 15